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Malaria spread in two hundred villages of Badaun

Badaun:  An outbreak of viral fever in more than two hundred villages in the Badaun district reported till date. The cases of deadly falciparum malaria have crossed 40. On an average, 20 new malaria patients are being found every day. The worst is in Salarpur, Jagat, Samarer and Dataganj. On Sunday, the Malaria Department has released Gambuzia fishes in more than 20 ponds of four blocks. These fish feed on mosquitoes and their larvae.

In terms of malaria, more than 100 villages in four blocks of the district fall under the high-risk category. In the year 2019, there was a severe outbreak of malaria in the district. This year, Badaun stood second in the state in terms of malaria outbreak. During this, more than 300 people also died.

In 2020, despite monitoring from the government level, more than 18 thousand cases of malaria were reported in the district. With the onset of malaria season this year also, the outbreak of malaria has started in the district. In Salarpur block, then the highest number of 20 cases of falciparum malaria have been found. However people are being screened, a large number of malaria patients are being found among viral fever victims. On Sunday also 18 patients of malaria were found. These include a falciparum malaria patient.

The health department is claiming to conduct tests and distribution of medicines in the fever affected villages, but the teams are not reaching in most of the villages.

Risk of dengue outbreak has increased
No dengue patient has been reported in the district so far, but there is a danger of dengue outbreak. Last year a large number of dengue patients were found. Many people also died of dengue. District Hospital’s CMS Dr. Vijay Bahadur Ram says that malaria mosquito stings at night while dengue mosquito stings during the day. Dengue mosquito breeds in clean water. In such a situation, everyone needs to be careful that they do not allow water to accumulate in or around their homes.
CMO Dr. Vikram Singh Pundir, says that there is no shortage of medicines. People are being screened by setting up camps in fever-affected villages. Mosquito repellents are being sprayed. Gambuzia fish are being released in the ponds. People also need to take precautions and take measures to prevent malaria.

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