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People want Young blood in Budaun: Shivpal

Budaun: The Samajwadi Party’s constant shuffling of its candidates has now reached the very top. On Wednesday, Shivpal Yadav and son Aditya kept the pot boiling over which one of them would be the SP candidate from the Badaun Lok Sabha seat.

An SP workers’ conference held in Sambhal Tuesday proposed that Aditya be the candidate from Badaun (which votes on May 7). Later, Shivpal, whose relations with nephew and SP national president Akhilesh Yadav are far from smooth, said that the proposal would be sent to the national leadership.

“Wherever I have held meetings in Badaun, the people have demanded a young candidate,” he said.

Aditya, who has been campaigning for Shivpal, told PTI that the people wanted him to contest. “It has come from the public that when Dharmendra Yadav (another of Akhilesh’s cousins) began his politics, he took the reins of Badaun and the public ensured his victory as a youngster. I think they feel the same way now.” Incidentally, the SP had first declared Dharmendra as its candidate from Badaun.

At the same time Aditya added that “officially, we are all campaigning for Shivpal Yadav, because he is the official candidate of the party and he will contest the election”.

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