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Firstly Ola then Okinawa and now Pure EV scooter catches fire in Chennai

Chennai: An electric scooter built by PureEV caught fire in Chennai days after two similar incidents were reporte in two-wheelers made by Ola Electric and Okinawa Autotech. The video of a PureEV scooter going up in flames in Chennai was tweeted by Sumant Banerji of The Economic Times. The incident has further raised concerns about the safety of electric vehicles.

The video shows thick plumes of smoke rising up from the red PureEV two-wheeler parked on the side of a busy road as other vehicles pass by. The incident appeared to have caused a traffic block in the area.

However, the Govt has ordered probe in two other cases of electric two-wheelers catching fire. The centre on March 28 decided to depute a team of independent experts to investigate two incidents of electric two-wheelers catching fire.

While the Ola electric scooter caught fire in Pune, the Okinawa two-wheeler  caught fire in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore.

The experts will travel to Vellore and Pune to probe whether structural or external factors have caused the fire in the Ola electric scooter and the Okinawa electric bike.

Notably, both two-wheelers had been tested and received type approvals before they were launched. The investigators will try to find out if there is a manufacturing defect that affected their operation.

According to a Reuters report, lithium-ion batteries (used in the Ola scooters), whether used in electric vehicles or electronic devices, can catch fire if they have been improperly manufactured or damaged, or if the software that operates the battery is not designed correctly.

Softbank Group-backed Ola Electric said last week that it has also launched an investigation to find out what is causing the electric scooters to catch fire.

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