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Electric Vehicles must be made with safety standards: Gadkari

New Delhi: The Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said on March 30 that electric vehicles (EVs) must be manufactured as per safety standards laid down by the government and Government is making six airbags mandatory for all vehicles, including economic models.

“For new EVs, we have already taken decisions on quality. India’s safety standards for EVs are in line with global standards,” he added. The comments come at a time when reports of some electric scooters catching fire have raised safety concerns.

Earlier in the day, Gadkari arrived at Parliament in a white hydrogen-powered car, the first of its kind in India.

The minister has been vocal about transitioning to renewable and green energy and this car—a pilot— seems to be a push in that direction at a time when fuel prices have spiked.

Keen to reduce India’s import bill and emissions, the government has been advocating the use of alternative fuels, with electric vehicles being given a big push in a major way. Ethanol blending and clean hydrogen are the other options that are being looked at.

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