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‘Country Can’t Run With Different Laws’: PM Modi

Bhopal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the country needs a uniform law, as the Constitution talks about equality for all. This is the first time he has spoken about a Uniform Civil Code in Public.
He said that the Constitution of India talks about equal rights of citizens. “How will the country run with different laws? People are only being instigated in the name of the Uniform Civil Code. Two types of laws cannot run the country. The Constitution of India also talks about equal rights for the citizens,” he said at a rally in Bhopal.

He accused the Opposition of employing vote-bank politics and said that a massive victory for the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections is certain. “The anxiety among among the opposition parties is making it evident that the people have decided to bring the BJP to power in 2024. A massive victory for the BJP is certain in 2024. This is the reason why these opposition parties are freaking out,” he said.
He further said: “Pasmanda Muslims have become a victim of politics. Some people are using the politics of appeasement to break the country. The BJP cadre should go and explain this to the Muslims and educate them so that they do not fall victim to such politics.”PM Modi said that those who were in favour of triple talaq are just vote-bank hungry people. “Injustice is being meted out to our Muslim daughters. If triple talaq is a part of Islam then why is it not practised in Pakistan and Indonesia? Triple talaq has been banned even in the Muslim majority countries,” he said.

PM Modi said that BJP is all about the politics of development and not of appeasement. He seemed to take a dig at Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, saying caste is being politicised in the state by creating a rift between even Dalits and Mahadalits. “The society is being divided,” he said.


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