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Sweets taken over by Immunity boosters as Diwali corporate gifts

New Delhi:Diwali is time of the year when corporates extend gifts to employees and clients as a sign of appreciation of their contribution. With staying healthy taking precedence this year more than ever, corporates are creating Covid-19 centric gift packages, filled with immunity-boosting products.


Immunity boosting teas, ayurvedic products, honey, Vitamin C supplements are all making it to the Diwali corporate gifting list. Although sweets are not off the table, only branded and packaged sweets are now preferred. Corporates are also cutting out oily snacks from their gifts.

Another interesting trend is the shift towards gifts that help in making life and work from home easier, like – home decor and digital entertainment products. According to pre-paid gift card service provider Qwikcilver, gift cards of newer categories like insurance, digital entertainment, self-learning & health & wellness are seeing many takers.

“Now there is lot of preference for anything to do with digital content, OTT gift cards are in demand. There are corporates which have created packages that are Covid-19 centric to enable people to work from home, anything to do with health, insurance,” said Kumar Sudarsan, President, Qwikcilver.

Owing to Covid-19, corporates are also increasingly choosing contactless gifting. According to a gift card seller, there has been a 30 per cent increase in consumption of gift cards of both offline & online brands as compared to Pre-COVID levels.

Safety, health and spending wisely are the top priorities for corporates. With these new trends in gifting, Diwali celebrations continue in these difficult times.

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