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‘Small efforts will leave a big impact’: PM Modi

NewDelhi: Amidst increase in Coronavirus cases in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday appealed people to take all precautions and avoid panic and urged people to avoid all ‘unnecessary travel’, saying “small efforts can leave a big impact”.

In a series of tweets, PM Modi appealed the countrymen to stay in ‘home quarantine’, saying people must listen to the advise given by doctors and authorities.

“Never forget – precautions not panic. It’s not only important to be home but also remain in the town/city where you are. Unnecessary travels will not help you or others. In these times, every small effort on our part will leave a big impact,” said PM Modi in a tweet.

“This is the time we should all listen to the advise given by doctors and authorities. All those who have been told to stay in home quarantine, I urge you to please follow the instructions. This will protect you as well as your friends and family,” PM Modi said in another tweet.

The Prime Minister also shared a video on his twitter and said that small efforts can help the country fight the coronavirus outbreak in India.

“Minute precautions can make monumental impacts and save many lives. Saw this interesting video on social media. If you have such videos that can educate people and spread awareness on battling COVID-19, please do so using #IndiaFightsCorona,” PM Modi said while sharing the video on his twitter account.

The deadly coronavirus, also known as ‘COVID-19’, has affected 298 people in India and has claimed the lives of four people. In order to control the spread of the deadly virus in India, the government has banned the operations of international commercial passenger flights from March 22 to March 29.

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