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Raids on Sonu Sood by those scared of his popularity: KTR

New Delhi: Telangana’s cabinet minister K.T. Rama Rao on Monday said that the Income Tax and ED raids were carried out on actor Sonu Sood by those who were scared as to what will happen to them if he enters into politics after the great humanitarian work he did during Covid-19 pandemic.

The minister urged the star not to get deterred by the raids and assured him of all possible support.

Rama Rao was speaking at an event organised by Telangana Social Impact Group (T-SIG) to honour Covid warriors.

After Sonu Sood mentioned in his speech how the “evil” uses four weapons to stop those who want to do good for society, the minister said the actor was targeted through I-T and ED raids.

“They are worried that they may suffer politically if he comes into politics,” said KTR, as the minister is popularly known.

Calling Sonu Sood a real hero, KTR urged him not to be deterred or worried by such things. “Continue the stellar work which you have been doing as a celebrity. We are all with you,” he said amid thunderous applause from the audience.

Earlier, Sonu Sood advised Covid warriors and others serving the society to continue their work undeterred by those who want to demoralise and stop them.

The actor said that the “paap” throws four weapons at those helping others. “When you all do this, they will say you have some motive behind this. The individual feels why he should do this work and stop. The paap wins but some people cross this barrier. Then they throw the second weapon. They say he will stop helping people after a few days. Few cross even this barrier,” he said.

The actor said that the third weapon of “paap” is character assassination of the person helping others and a few people will remain undeterred.

“The fourth weapon paap throws at you is ‘Shraddha’. They make you a God. You get into a frame of mind that I should not help others but should only preach.”

The actor was all praises for KTR for reaching out to the needy during the pandemic. “I tell my friends, if you have a leader like KTR you don’t have to work very hard,” he said.

Sonu Sood recalled that when he contacted a hospital in Hyderabad to help with the treatment of a policeman’s child, he was informed that KTR’s office had already reached out to them.

“I have been calling up people in all the states from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari but I had to put in minimum effort in Telangana because we have leaders like him,” said Sonu Sood.

The celebrity said he connected with 7.5 lakh people during the pandemic and they all became his volunteers and helped them in reaching out to the needy even in interior areas with oxygen, medicines or any other help.

He believes that the third wave of Covid had already started with people who suffered because of Covid taking away their jobs, not being able to afford medical treatment or to send kids for their studies. “Everyone is suffering every day. Our job doesn’t end today. It has to continue,” he said.

T-SIG, the CSR cell of the department of information technology, electronics & communication and industries, honoured individuals, NGOs and corporates who rendered help to people during the pandemic.

Jayesh Ranjan, principal Secretary, industries & commerce and information technology, called for creating a national movement which encourages voluntarism.

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