Pamper Your child with softness to keep them soft

When a baby is coming in any family parents eagerly wait for him or her to arrive in this world safely.
For that they take care of the mother as things she ate goes to the child in the womb directly or indirectly. So, that the child taking birth will be healthy.
After child’s birth parents want to keep them in protection from outer world. So, that they can grow with good health as there is so much pollution and germs that can make the child unhealthy.
When the child grows he-she needs extra care as we need external creams to protect us from changing weather. So, that weather could not cause any damage to the skin of our baby.
For protecting skin of our child from germs some parents uses age old dadi- nani formulas’ and people of new generation take advices of doctors’ as they believe that time has changed so that types of pollution which if not handle carefully will cause harm to the skin of our child.
To keep the skin of the baby soft mother does massage of the body using baby oil it has to be done on regular basis.This massage keeps the body of the child soft and make bones stronger.
I have a tip for mother: While doing massage mothers must keep in mind that it must not be done in sunlight directly as it makes child complexion darker.
Another way to keep child’s skin softer is to use baby lotion of reputed brands.  On applying it regularly this lotion makes baby skin softer.
While bathing child, mother must use baby shampoos available in the market this keeps baby skin soft and hair growth smoother.
After bathing child,  mother must use baby talcum powder as it keeps baby fresh and his-her skin soft.
At last not the least thing which every parents must do to keep their child at distance from germs is to cover all that part of the new born which is open as it catches germs easily like the lower part of the child from where child discharges stool and urine.
This part is the most important part of the body of a child to be covered as it is prone to catch germs and if this part is not covered properly it not only cause unhygienic condition around the child but can cause illness to the child too. Don’t forget due to this softness of the child’s skin too goes and skin becomes harsh.

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