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UP: Now people can keep 72 bottles of liquor at home!

Badaun: Drinkers in Uttar Pradesh who want to have their own bar at home can now open it. District Excise Officer Rajkumar has informed that if you are fond of liquor and pay taxes on time, then your hobby of making bar at home can be fulfilled. This provision has been made by the government in the excise policy of the year 2021-22.

Till now a person could keep only four bottles of 750 ml liquor in his house. This included two Indian brands and two foreign brands. It was illegal to find more alcohol in the house. Recently amendments were made in the Excise Policy 2021-22. There is a provision of private bar license in this. Under this, 12 bottles of liquor of one brand can be kept in the house. 72 bottles of 15 brands will be allowed to be kept in the house. You have to apply online for home bar license. After the departmental process , the District Magistrate will give permission. For this, an annual fee of Rs 12,000 has been fixed by the government. Apart from this, a security of Rs 51 thousand will have to be given, which will be returned after the completion of the year.

Filing of Income Tax Return is mandatory

Only such people will be eligible for private home bar license, who have been filing income tax returns for the last five years. Self attested copy of the return has to be attached with the application form. It has also been stipulated that it is mandatory for the applicant to pay income tax in the category of minimum 20 percent in minimum three years out of the last five assessment years. This license will not be valid for Farm House and Guest House (Business Establishment).

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