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Neurologist arrested for Planting Spy Cameras in Bathroom and Bedroom of Woman Doctor

Mumbai: A 42-year-old neurologist was arrested here in Maharashtra for allegedly installing spy cameras in the bathroom and bedroom of a trainee doctor’s residential quarters, police said on Tuesday. “The accused doctor is a neurologist lecturer at a city-based medical college,” said Jagannath Kalaskar, senior police inspector, Bharti Vidyapeeth police station.

Last week, the trainee doctor had tried to switch on the bulb in her bathroom, however, it did not work. She then called an electrician who spotted a spy camera installed in the bulb. The doctor found another spy camera in her bedroom too, following which she lodged a police complaint. “During the investigation, we zeroed in on the neurologist, an MD, who was detained on Monday evening. He has been remanded to police custody for two days,” Kalaskar added.


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