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Kangana Ranaut was 6 when a boy made her strip and then assaulted her

Mumbai: Bollywood star and host Kangana Ranaut shared a traumatic experience in the show ‘Lock Upp’. The actress shared she had to face sexual assault in childhood and she can never forget this.

After listening to the painful story of sexual assault that Munawar Faruqui faced as a child , she got emotional and said: “This happened to me also, a young boy from our town used to inappropriately touch me, when I was very young and I didn’t understand what’s happening. He was three to four years elder to me. I think he was exploring his sexuality. He used to ask us to strip off our clothes and he used to check us. We were very young at that time”
She later emphasised that like Munawar shared the truth, others can also come forward and people can be made aware of this serious issue and how to deal with it.
“Hence, we are using this platform to say this all. There is a huge stigma behind this especially for men. It is very brave of you Munawar, that you chose this platform to share your experience. I hope there are other kids also who face similar situations come forward and speak about it and make people aware.”
It all started in the judgement day episode, when Saisha Shinde pressed the buzzer, Kangana told her you had to convince Anjali Arora, Azma Fallah or Munawar to reveal their secret to save you.
Saisha convinced everyone, but only Munawar got convinced. He said: “I’m revealing my secret not for the game but for my friendship”
He shared: “I was 6-years-old, when I was sexually assaulted by my relative for 4-5 consecutive years. It was a very close family member, but considering I was young I couldn’t understand anything, it turned extreme in the fourth year. I didn’t share this with anyone because eventually my family and I had to face them everytime.”
“I thought my dad knew about this, but I think he also felt like me, so how can he share this with someone?”
Kangana later consoled him by sharing her painful story. Munawar said: “I am hurt by this, I’m angry with myself, I’ve only shared with these two people this story that has been within me since ages.”
Kangana replied: “It’s ironic that you trusted them but they only hurt you and it traumatised us till life long.”
Munawar added: “I have always protected my sister’s kids. I have always been there for them.”
Lastly Kangana said to Saisha that: I’m happy for you. Munawar’s friendship is very genuine towards you.”
”Lock Upp” streams on ALTBalaji and MX Player.

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