Recently, Shah Rukh Khan gave out the message of secularism that we all need on the eve of Republic Day, while on a dance reality show on Saturday night. Shah Rukh attended the reality dance show ‘Dance Plus’ on Saturday and with his secular comments, Shah Rukh turned everyone patriotic.

On the show, he spoke about how being an ‘Indian’ is more important for him than belonging to any other religion. He also revealed that he never talks about religion-specific topics with his children and maintains an Indian culture in his home.

“We never spoke about being Hindu-Muslim. My wife is Hindu, I am Muslim, my children are Hindustan,” said Shah Rukh Khan on the show. He also said that his children write “Indian” in forms where they need to mention their religion.During his visit on Dance Plus 5 that was aired Saturday night, Shah Rukh said, “Humne koi Hindu-Musalman ki baat hi nahi ki. Meri biwi Hindu hai, mai Musalman hoon. Aur mere jo bacche hain, wo Hindustan hain.” (We have never discussed Hindu-Muslim. My wife is Hindu, I am a Muslim and our kids are Hindustan).