Delhi: Gargi college student molested by outsiders in campus

New Delhi: The National Commission of Women (NCW) on Monday took note of the serious charges against a group of men who barged into Gargi College in Delhi on February 6 during a college fest for molesting and harassing the students. The NCW said that they will send representatives to the college on Monday to probe into the matter.

According to the students, a group of men molested and groped some female students after gatecrashing into the college. The drunk men are also alleged of abusing and harassing the students for hours, while police and security guards did nothing.

The students had planned to protest inside the college on Monday against inaction into the incident.

Speaking to ANI on Monday a female student had claimed that over 100 middle-aged men crashed the college gate on February 6 and misbehaved with the women inside the campus.

“Over 100 middle-aged men crashed the college gate and came inside during the fest. They started misbehaving with girls,” ANI quoted her as saying.

Speaking about the incident on Thursday, a second-year student had told ANI that the men who had entered the college groped the girls and made them uncomfortable. “Men were molesting girls and smoking on the campus which is strictly prohibited. Bouncers were not doing anything as they were just watching the show,” she said.

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