Couple gets married while volcano erupts in background

Manila: On Sunday, a couple in the Philippines tied the knot just 10 kilometres away from the Taal Volcano, which erupted during the wedding ceremony. Photographer Randolf Evan captured dramatic shots of newlyweds Chino and Kat with ash plume in the sky behind them.OFFF

Taal Volcano is about 60 kilometres south of Manila on the island on Luzon. Once it erupted on Sunday afternoon, residents of the area were asked to evacuate as experts warned of another possible eruption.But the couple was totally unfazed by the incident and decided to carry on the wedding ceremony as planned. The photographer told CNN his team and other guests were nervous during the ceremony as they regularly checked updates about the eruption.”We were actually nervous because while working we kept on checking social media for updates on the volcanic eruption. So we were actually aware of the warnings and escalating levels that were being announced real-time,” Randolf Evan told the news website.

“We also discussed discreetly among ourselves what we should do when the worst comes to worst,” Randolf Evan added.

Even added that everyone at the wedding venue (Savanna Farm Tagaytay by Solange) stayed calm as the couple said ‘I do’ and wrapped up the ceremony. Later, Savanna Farm Tagaytay posted a picture of the ceremony on their Facebook page.


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