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Congressmen protest against Ghulam Nabi Azad

New Delhi: The Congress workers on Tuesday staged a protest against senior leader and former Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad in Jammu for praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Holding party flags in their hands they raised slogans against Azad and burnt his effigy.
They said his praise for PM Modi is not helping the Congress party. The protesting party workers said the Congress has given Azad the best of the positions but when it was his turn to help in reviving the party, he has started taking the BJP line.
“He is weakening the Congress party by praising Narendra Modi who took away the rights of J&K and its statehood,” party leader Shahnawaz Choudhary said. “We demand that Sonia Gandhi sack him.”
On Sunday, Azad had praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a function of the Gujjar Desh Charitable Trust in Jammu.
While addressing members of the Gujjar community in the presence of some J&K Congress leaders, Azad said Prime Minister Modi doesn’t hide about his humble background and the fact that he comes from a village.
He had said he may have political differences with Prime Minister Modi but he appreciates that he doesn’t hide his true self. He said those leaders who hide their true self are living in an artificial world.

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