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Complete list of activities allowed from April 20

New Delhi: The government  has issued guidelines permitting a few more activities for non-containment zones post April 20. However, it has made it clear that these relaxations will not be implemented in the containment zones.

What is permitted?

Financial services

  • RBI and other RBI regulated financial markets and entities
  • Banks, ATM and IT vendors for banking operations
  • SEBI and capital and debt market services
  • IRDAI and insurance companies

Commercial services

  • Print and electronic media
  • IT services with up to 50 per cent capacity
  • Data and call centres for government activities
  • CSCs at panchayat level
  • E-commerce companies, e-commerce functions for non-essential items such as mobile phone, laptops, refrigerators, etc.
  • Courier services
  • Cold storage and warehousing
  • Private security and facilities management services; hotels, homestays, etc.
  • Establishment for quarantine facilities
  • Self-employed services like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.

Movement of people

  • Private vehicles for medical emergency services and for getting essential commodities
  • In case of a four-wheeler, one passenger in the back seat beside the driver is permitted
  • For two-wheelers, only one driver is permitted
  • All personnel travelling to their workplace as exempted by State/UT/Local authority

Social services

  • Home for children, juveniles, divyang (handicapped), elderly etc. will be allowed to function. This includes observation homes and aftercare homes
  • Disbursement of social security pensions and provident fund by EPFO
  • Operation of Anganwadis

Agricultural activities

  • Farming operations in fields
  • Functioning of agencies engaged in getting agricultural products
  • Machinery shops
  • Custom hiring centres
  • Services related to fertilizers and seeds
  • APMC markets and Mandis
  • Direct marketing operations for agriculture
  • Harvesting and sowing
  • Operation of fishing like processing and sale, hatcheries, commercial aquaria
  • Plantations of tea, coffee and rubber allowed with a maximum 50 per cent workers
  • Animal husbandry including distribution and sale of milk products, animal shelter homes, etc.

Health services

  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Telemedicine facilities
  • Medical shops and dispensaries
  • Medical research, COVID-19 related labs and collection centres
  • Authorized private establishments
  • Veterinary hospitals, dispensaries and clinics, sale and supply of vaccine and medicines
  • Manufacturing units, medical devices and construction of health infrastructure
  • Movement of all medical personnel, scientists, nurses, paramedical staff, lab technicians

Industrial establishments

  • Industries in rural areas
  • SEZ and export-oriented units
  • Industrial estates and industrial townships
  • Manufacturing units of essential goods
  • Industries producing IT hardware
  • Food processing units, jute industries
  • Coal and mineral production, O&G refinery and brick kilns in rural areas
  • Construction activities including roads, irrigation projects, renewable energy projects and construction projects in municipalities

Cargo and essential services

  • Transportation of cargo inter and intrastate by air, rail, land and sea routes
  • Carrier vehicles with only two drivers and one helper are allowed
  • Empty vehicles for delivery/pick up of goods
  • The supply chain of essential goods like manufacturing, wholesale, retail, shops/ carts for essential goods
  • Large bricks and mortar stores, dhabas and truck repair shops on the highway, movement of staff and labourers for essential services

Additional services

  • Collection, harvesting and processing of minor forest produce, non-timber forest produce by ST and forest dwellers
  • Bamboo, coconut, areca nut, cocoa, spices plantations and their harvesting sale and marketing
  • NBFCs including Housing Finance and Micro FInance COmpanies with bare minimum staff, cooperative credit societies
  • Construction activities in rural areas to include water supply and sanitation, power, telecom and cable lines.

What is shut?

  • Domestic and international air travel
  • Passenger trains, buses, metro, taxis
  • Interstate transport except for security and medical purposes
  • Industrial and commercial activities
  • Hospitality services
  • Educational, training and coaching institutions
  • Cinema halls, malls, gyms, bards, pools, entertainment parks, assembly halls, etc.
  • All social, political, sports, complexes, religious places and other gatherings.

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