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BJP supporters to use NOTA during LS Polls

Badaun: BJP activists expressed their anger during protest on Wednesday due to the lack of action in a case of assault. Not only did they protest with written notes on paper, but they also plastered posters in front of houses. What’s noteworthy is that the households where these posters were put up also supported the activists. In posters there is clearly mentioned that they will choose NOTA option during casting their votes.

The incident revolves around Ujhani. Last month, there was an incident of assault involving BJP booth lavel worker Anshul Sharma. He also filed a report against the perpetrators. Allegations claim that the police took no action against the accused.

Despite several requests, when the police did not take any action, on Wednesday, BJP Kisan Morcha’s district minister Ankur Varshney, Amit Sharma, Anshul, and others protested against the BJP candidate by warning to use NOTA (None Of The Above) during LS Polls. They also plastered posters related to NOTA in front of all the houses in the Naziaiyai neighborhood.

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