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Smart helmet saves fuel

Varanasi: The students of Ashoka Institute of Technology and Management in Varanasi have made a smart helmet that not only saves lives but also saves fuel.

The helmet is fitted with sensors which will automatically turn off the bike when the stop sign glows at traffic intersection. However, for this, the wearer of the helmet needs to be within 50 meters of the traffic signal. This will save on petrol.
According to students of the institute, the smart helmet works on radio frequency transmitters.
“This smart helmet device has two transmitters and a receiver. The receiver will be installed in the bike. One transmitter is installed in the helmet, which will become active on wearing the helmet. The receiver in the vehicle is switched on when the bike starts and the rider wears the helmet,” the students explained.
At the same time, the second transmitter will be located near the intersection signal system and as soon as the vehicle comes in contact with the transmitter engaged in the red signal, the receiver in it stops the bike.
The students further said that if an accident takes place on the road, the sensors installed in the smart helmet will send your location to the police, ambulance and your family and help will be at hand.
The students are working to improvise further before they apply for the patent and then commercial production.

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