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Russia: President Vladimir Putin gets 2 more terms

Moscow: Russia’s lower house of parliament the State Duma approved a bill, enabling incumbent President Vladimir Putin to run for two more terms starting 2024.

The draft law on elections, which was approved in the State Duma’s third or final reading on Wednesday, was made in pursuance of constitutional amendments adopted in a nationwide referendum in July 2020, Xinhua news agency reported.

One of the 206 constitutional amendments stipulates that the limit of two presidential terms applies to the incumbent head of state, but without taking into account his previous terms.

In light of the amendment, the bill grants Putin the possibility of starting his presidency from scratch in 2024 and holding the office for two more terms until 2036.

In accordance with the bill, a Russian citizen, who is at least 35 years old, has been a permanent resident of the country for at least 25 years, and has never held citizenship or a residence permit of a foreign state, can be elected Russian president.

The bill needs to be passed by the Federation Council, the upper house of parliament, and then to be signed by Putin into law.

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