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Merry Christmas Star Radhika Apte Locked In Airport For Hours

New Delhi:  Actor Radhika Apte today shared her ordeal at an airport when she and other co-passengers were locked inside the aerobridge after the flight was delayed. The actor did not name the city or the airlines.

Sharing photos and videos on Instagram, the ‘Merry Christmas’ actor said that the passengers were put in the aerobridge after the flight was delayed and the airlines staff locked them in.

“Today morning I had an flight at 8:30. It’s 10:50 now and the flight has still not boarded. BUT the flight said we were boarding and put all the passengers in the aerobridge and LOCKED IT,” she said.

Radhika Apte shared a clip of several people behind a locked glass door. Some of the passengers were seen talking to the security staff in the aerobridge.

The 38-year-old Bollywood star said that the airlines informed the fliers that they would be stuck there for at least an hour more.

“now I’m locked inside. AND they just told us that we will be here till minimum 12pm. all locked in. No water no loo. Thanks for the fun ride,” she wrote.

The actor said that the airlines staff said the delay was as the crew had to be changed, and the new staff still hadn’t arrived.

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