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House of love: Man builds rotating house for Wife

New Delhi: A one-of-a-kind construction in northern Bosnia, that has been drawing a lot of attention, as a remarkable ‘monument of love’.

Vojin Kusic, a 72-year-old husband from Srbac, has built a house from the ground up and dedicated it to his loving wife, Ljubica.

The house has a green facade, a red metal roof, and several windows to keep things fresh and bright. But the most impressive feature of the house is that it can rotate a full circle, according to an Associated Press report.

Kusic said he designed the house to satisfy his wife’s shifting desires, or what she would like to see when she looks out of the window.

Kusic said he found the time to make the house only after he had retired from the family business and handed over all the responsibilities to his children.

“After I reached an advanced age and after my children took over the family business, I finally had enough time to task myself with granting my wife her wish,” said Kusic.

His idea for the house goes back several years when Ljubica told him in their previous house that she wanted their bedrooms to face the sun.

Kusic added that his wife had also complained that “she could not see people entering our front yard.” At that time, Kusic had to remodel everything.

“I had to tear down the wall between our two bedrooms to turn them into a living room and move all (electrical) installations. It was a very demanding task, it took a lot from me, but I did what she wanted,” he said.

But all these problems are at an end now. The rotating house offers different views for all family members.

The 72-year-old, who build the rotating house all by himself, is not a trained professional. He didn’t even get the chance to go to college.

“Now, our front door also rotates, so if she spots unwanted guests heading our way, she can spin the house and make them turn away,” he joked.

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