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Women protest against restrictions imposed by Taliban

Kabul: A number of women took to the streets of Kabul on Tuesday to protest against the closed schools for girls and accused the international community of being silent about what is going on in Afghanistan, Khaama Press reported.

The women who had gathered at the gates of UNAMA in Kabul said that the international community, human rights group, and the United Nations are completely indifferent to the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on Afghan women.
The protesters said that the silence of the UN against the ongoing situation in Afghanistan is “shameful”.
The women chanted “rights to education, rights to work, are the fundamental rights of women” and “history will be ashamed of the silence of the UN”.
In the meantime, the Afghan women wanted to get a chance to meet with the head of UNAMA Deborah Lyons to talk to her about women’s rights and to submit her letter in this regard, the report said.
In a parallel all-women demonstration in Kabul, women asked for the opening of schools for girls and said that their rights should not be violated.

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