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Taliban attacks resistance in Panjshir

Kabul: Taliban has breached an agreement and launched attacks on the Valley’s resistance force claimed Sources in Panjshir province.

The sources claimed that the attacks which were conducted in different locations were repelled and the Taliban fighters retreated but the latter has not commented on the issue yet, Khaama News reported.

In the meantime, people in Panjshir complained against the absence of telephonic services.

They say that the Taliban has blocked telecommunication services which have subjected them to bigger problems.

On the other hand, the Taliban have also blocked all the ways to Panjshir province which has led to skyrocketing of prices in the defiant valley.

People in Pajshir province are asking the Taliban to stop what they call cruelty and open the ways to the province, the report said.

Panjshir province, 120 km northeast of Kabul, is the only province that is not under the Taliban’s control and the so-called resistance led by Ahmad Massoud, the son of late military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, is claiming to be fighting the Taliban.

Ahmad Massoud said that he is willing to negotiate with the Taliban but warned of resistance in case the negotiations fail.

Taliban and the leaders of Panjshir province had a meeting in Parwan province which has not concluded in any final result.

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