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Now Netflix in India goes cheaper as co cuts prices across its streaming plans

New Delhi: Netflix’s India plans are changing — with the prices dropping significantly. Starting today, you will see savings from about 18 to 60 percent, depending on the Netflix plan you subscribe to.

The Netflix “Mobile” plan, previously at Rs. 199 per month, has dropped 25 percent to Rs. 149 per month. The biggest savings are in store for the “Basic” Netflix plan — previously available at Rs. 499 per month, it will now cost just Rs.

199 per month in India. Going up the ladder, the “Standard” Netflix plan has been cut down from Rs. 649 per month to Rs. 499 per month. That’s a 23 percent saving.

That leaves the the Netflix “Premium” plan, which goes from Rs. 799 per month to Rs. 649 per month. Basically, the four Netflix plans available in India have each dropped prices to the one below them, with “Mobile” occupying a new slot at Rs. 149.

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