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Lockdown was delayed to pull down Cong govt in Madhya Pradesh: Kamalnath

New Delhi : Former Madhya Pradesh CM and Congress leader Kamal Nath on Sunday made a staunching attack at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), blaming it for the spike in the cases of the novel coronavirus.

Speaking at a video conference, Nath said that the saffron party allegedly ran the Parliament to ensure that the Madhya Pradesh assembly could function and the Congress government headed by him could be toppled.

“It is obvious, Parliament was run only to ensure that Madhya Pradesh assembly could run and the Congress government be toppled,” Nath told reporters at a press conference addressed through video conferencing.

Alleging that the BJP ‘befooled’ the people of Madhya Pradesh, Nath said that there was no council of ministers or a health or home Minister in place in the state amid the crisis due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Nowhere in the world this has happened,” he said while adding that the situation in the country due to coronavirus was very serious and the number of cases will rise if more testing was done.

The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister noted that the country is going through a serious economic crisis and said the Centre’s economic package needs to be focused and its success lies in its execution and on which sectors it focusses on.

Nath, whoes government was toppled after Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from Congress and joined BJP, said that many of his MLAs were lured by money.

“All are not Scindia supporters, some have been lured by money. Many of these MLAs had informed us about the kind of allurements. But they will have to face the voters,” he said.

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