Jawaani Jaaneman Movie review: complex film with ‘modern family’ touch

Mumbai: ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’, made under the direction of Nitin Kakkar, and starring Saif Ali Khan and debutante Alaya Furniturewala, is a story of changing standards of relationships in society. You can call it a youth-centric film. To justify the modern form of relationships seen in this film, the director has shown a sense of choosing a western culture with indigenous characters.

40-year-old Jaswinder Singh aka Jazz (Saif Ali Khan) is basically a casanova type of a person who is a runaway from the commitments. He considers marriage, children and responsibilities as the biggest obstacle to his freedom. This is the reason why despite having parents and other family members, he lives alone.

Jazz, a broker by profession, spend a lot of time in clubs drinking alcohol and spending nights with new girls. He was shown enjoying his life in every way, but only then comes a 21-year-old girl named Tia (Alaya Furniturewala) in her life.

Like other girls, he started flirting with Tia as well but is lost when she told him that she is his daughter and is pregnant without marriage. After knowing that Tia is his daughter, Jazz started running from her.Then entered Tabu, who is playing the mother of Tia, and creates more problems for Jazz. Watching Tabu as a spiritually empowered hippy is quite refreshing, but the talented actress barely has any screen time or real purpose in the narrative. While Saif and Tabu come together after a long time, but here, they barely share any memorable moments. How Jazz will overcome his fear of facing responsibilities and how Tia will change his life is the crunch of the story.The film manages to give plenty of scenes to the audience where they can laugh their heart out. The climax seems predictable, but thankfully it does not have melodrama. In the end, Jawaani Jaaneman comes out to be a winner with its non-judgmental approach and a contemporary story.

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