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Italian firm claims to have made a vaccine to contain Covid-19

New Delhi: Italian researchers have claimed that they have successfully developed a vaccine to contain the coronavirus, which is likely to work on humans, Italian news agency ANSA has reported.

Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO of Takis, the firm that claims to have developed the vaccine, said that a coronavirus candidate vaccine has neutralised the virus in human cells for the first time, according to the news report.

The researchers experimented with the vaccine on mice that successfully developed antibodies that blocked the virus from infecting the cells. The tests were reportedly carried out at Spallanzani Hospital in Rome.

“This is the most advanced stage of testing of a candidate vaccine created in Italy. Human tests are expected after this summer,” Aurisicchio was quoted as saying by ANSA.

The researchers observed that five vaccine candidates generated a large number of antibodies, after which two were selected. The vaccine candidates being developed are based on the genetic material of DNA protein “spikes”, the molecular tips used by the coronavirus to enter human cells.

The researchers believe that this makes their vaccine particularly effective for generating functional antibodies against the “spike” protein. “To reach our goal, we need the support of national and international institutions and partners who may help us speed up the process,” the Takis CEO said.

Pfizer perform clinical trial in US

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc has administered the first US patients with its experimental vaccine and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals said an antibody treatment could be available by this fall.

Gilead Sciences Inc is working to expand manufacturing of its virus treatment, remdesivir, for use around the world.

Regeneron said an experimental antibody treatment for Covid-19 could be available as soon as this fall, an expedited timeline for a drug that’s scheduled to be studied in humans for the first time in June.

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