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Florona, first detected in Israel? All you need to know

New Delhi: Israel detected the first case of “florona” disease, a double infection of COVID-19 and influenza, said Arab News.

An Israeli newspaper reported that the case of double infection was found in a woman who entered the Rabin Medical Center this week to give birth.

What is florona?

The disease is not a new variant but it is having flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Israeli doctors said Florona is being studied as Isreal has seen a surge in influenza cases in the last few weeks.

Dr Nahla Abdel Wahab, a doctor at Cairo University Hospital, told Israeli media that Florona may indicate a major breakdown of the immunity system as two viruses are entering the human body at the same time.

This comes at a time when the entire world is battling with the surge of Omicron variant of COVID-19. The tally of coronavirus variant Omicron has reached 1,431 today up from 1270 on Friday in India showing a rise of more than 32% .

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