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Don’t need Covid jab: Anil Vij

Chandigarh: Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij on Monday said he didn’t need the Covid-19 vaccine as his antibodies count was quite good owing to the shots taken during trials for the vaccine.

AnilVij, who inaugurated the third phase of inoculation digitally on Monday, explains why he doesn’t need a vaccine immediately.
“Today the third phase of Covid vaccination is starting for people. There should be no hesitation for them now. However, I will not be able to take a dose as after getting Covid, my antibody count is 300, which is a quite high,” Vij, who digitally inaugurated the third phase of inoculation, said in a tweet.
He added, “This could be because of the trial vaccine that I took earlier. I don’t need vaccine right away.”
After getting the trial vaccine, Anil Vij in December tested positive for coronavirus.

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