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Cong accuses Twitter of violating freedom of expression

New Delhi: After Rahul Gandhi’s account was temporarily suspended and a tweet deleted, the Congress on Monday accused Twitter of adopting “double standards” and violating the freedom of expression “under the diktat of the Modi Government”.

The action by Twitter was condemned at a meeting of party general secretaries on Sunday evening, where the leaders decided to take up this matter at all levels.

Congress general secretary, Organisation, K C Venugopal said the issue of temporary suspension of Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was discussed at the meeting of general secretaries, in-charges and PCC presidents.

The party also claimed that the Twitter handle of INC-TV was also suspended this morning.

“The atrocious stance is nothing but another instance of anti-SC and anti-women mindset and inherent prejudice of the Modi Government as also a violation of freedom of expression by the Twitter India under the diktat of Modi Government. All present universally condemned this prejudicial mindset of BJP and decided to take up this matter at all levels,” he said in a statement later.

The opposition party had on Sunday alleged that Twitter acted in haste due to “pressure” from the Indian government and was “selective” in removing Rahul Gandhi’s tweet and “suspending” his account for putting up pictures of the nine-year-old Dalit rape victim’s family after he met them in Delhi as no action was taken against some other handles which carried the similar pictures.

“The double standard of Twitter is too obvious as statutory commissions, BJP leaders and those holding statutory offices had put up similar pictures on Twitter on 2nd and 3rd August, two days before Rahulji’s visit,” Venugopal said on Monday.

The Congress leader said it was resolved that we will continue the fight undeterred until securing justice for the family.

“Instead of curtailing atrocities against Dalits across the country, the prime minister and the government are up to suppress the voice of leaders like Rahul Gandhi who are in the forefront to fight for justice,” he said.

The Indian Youth Congress also staged a protest in the national capital against Twitter India for blocking Rahul Gandhi’s account.

“The double standards of Twitter India continue. Even as accounts raising a voice for justice continue getting blocked, Twitter handles related to the govt like @NCSC_GoI & @anjubalabjp face no action for posting the same images,” the Congress said on its official Twitter handle.

Remember, truth and justice always prevail,” the party said while showing a picture of the blocked account of INC-TV.

“To Twitter India, we say, ‘Daro Mat’,” the Congress tweeted on Sunday with an image alleging that the Modi government is “intimidating” Twitter to lock Rahul Gandhi’s account “for demanding justice for Delhi rape victim”.

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